About this project 
This project is a dance film that aims to show how dance can influence someones life. As the film begins the dancer has no reflection, until she starts dancing. As she continues to dance the colours get warmer and more colourful. The film shows that dancing can have a major impact on someone’s state of mind, it can complete a person and make them feel alive.

The project is a collaboration with the BA(Hons) Dance course at the University of South Wales. It was directed by myself, with cinematography by Jack Longley, choreography by Matthew Gough and performance by Charlotte Perkins.

Roles undertaken for this project
- Producer
- Director
- Editor
- Compositor
- Motion Graphics

Software used for this project
- Nuke
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Photoshop

Music Breathe Me, Sia
Copyrighted material used under fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

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